Commercial and industrial grounds maintenance

First impressions last, in life and in business. Therefore, displaying your business, commercial or industrial space in the best light possible is crucial. How you present your Geelong commercial grounds and industrial grounds is often your first means of communication with customers and clients. Don’t get off on the wrong foot, or be ignored altogether, and call Max Scott Grounds Maintenance in Geelong.

Max Scott specialises in commercial grounds maintenance and industrial grounds maintenance. We have all the knowledge and Geelong grounds maintenance expertise to have your facilities looking attractive and appealing to customers and clients – clean, fresh and tidy. Paying for professionally maintained commercial gardens and landscapes is money well spent. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance is one of Geelong’s renowned grounds maintenance companies for its reliability and attention to detail.

One of the most important and noticeable characteristics of your commercial grounds is the grass surrounds. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance offers a Geelong commercial lawn mowing service which is second to none. We also offer lawn mowing for industrial and rural purposes. We also specialise in weed control or weed spraying for all commercial, industrial and rural purposes.

There is a range of commercial grounds maintenance services Max Scott offers for industrial, commercial and residential customers. These include; Geelong water cartage, irrigation systems and high-pressure cleaning.

Max Scott Grounds Maintenance also has a capacity for some Geelong landscaping services. Our team is highly skilled in fixing and building retaining walls, particularly using pine sleepers and galvanised posts. We can also build garden beds for commercial purposes.

School grounds maintenance

Max Scott Grounds Maintenance also offers a range of school grounds maintenance, or grounds keeping services. Our professional and efficient team can make your school’s grounds the envy of others. From lawn mowing to Geelong commercial gardening, weed control and tree maintenance, Max Scott Ground Maintenance will work professionally and discretely beautifying your school.

Lawn Mowing

The Geelong region’s ‘wet then sunny’, and vice versa, climate can make your grass shoot up overnight. This can make it hard to keep up with the mowing, particularly if you have expansive commercial or industrial grounds. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance can take the stress out of Geelong commercial lawn mowing and do a thorough...

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Weed Control

Weeds are not only unsightly but they ruin the look and appeal of Geelong commercial garden landscapes. Weed outbreaks can be tough to control, particularly when your business is your priority and you don’t have the tools or time for gardening. Max Scott is a Geelong ground and school grounds maintenance company which specialises in...

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At Max Scott Grounds Maintenance, we love gardens. And we have since 1963. With a love for gardens comes a passion for maintaining them. Our Geelong commercial garden maintenance service is something we take a lot of pride in. We understand how important a thriving, neat and attract garden is for your commercial and industrial...

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Water Cartage

Geelong and its surrounding region can be prone to drought-like conditions, or long-term spells without a good amount of rain. Water, particularly drinking water, can become a precious resource in such times. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance provides a Geelong water cartage service for residential, commercial or industrial customers. In many areas of the region, people...

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Tree Maintenance

The positives certainly far outweigh the negatives of having trees surrounding your house or commercial premises. But there are certain risks and responsibilities attached to having trees. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance has all your needs covered when it comes to tree maintenance on Geelong properties. We are experts in tree removal and tree trimming. We...

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Irrigation Systems

Water management and irrigation play a pivotal role in Geelong commercial grounds maintenance. An effective and efficient watering system, or sprinkler system, can be the difference between an attractive or arid commercial, industrial or residential landscape. Our region is no stranger to drought-like conditions, meaning a watering system is not only important but an efficient...

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Commercial grounds maintenance in Geelong and district is what we specialise in at Max Scott Grounds Maintenance. But we also have the capacity to carry out certain landscaping jobs as an extension of our grounds maintenance services. It is this sort of flexibility that we believe sets us apart from other Geelong grounds maintenance companies....

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High-Pressure Cleaning

Keeping the exterior of your commercial, industrial or residential space clean can be low on your priority list. High-pressure cleaning can often be the job that you say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll do it next week’, particularly if it’s not yet at the desperate stage. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance provides Geelong with high-pressure...

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