The positives certainly far outweigh the negatives of having trees surrounding your house or commercial premises. But there are certain risks and responsibilities attached to having trees. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance has all your needs covered when it comes to tree maintenance on Geelong properties. We are experts in tree removal and tree trimming. We can ensure that you will never need to worry about the health, safety or look of your trees.

Trees make your property, school, commercial or industrial premises attractive, and also act as protection from nasty weather and debris stirred up by strong wind. Trees generate fresh air, and can provide benefits such as fruit or flowers. Trees are beneficial natural assets, but they require a lot of care to avoid them becoming a danger, overgrowing or dying. Geelong ground maintenance companies should offer tree maintenance, and at Max Scott we do it best.

Large trees with heavy branches can pose a danger to surrounding property, vehicles and people. If branches become damaged or too heavy, there is a high risk of them breaking off and falling, particularly if it’s windy. You can avoid this situation by using Max Scott Grounds Maintenance and their expert Geelong tree pruning team. Overgrown trees can also pose a risk of growing into overhead power lines. Tree trimming will help you avoid damaged property or injuries to bystanders, something you can definitely do without at your home, or commercial premises.

Tree maintenance can simply keep your grounds looking tidy and presentable. Your trees might not be posing a risk, but if they could do with a good tidy up then Max Scott Grounds Maintenance is one call away. We also specialise in tree removal, a job which is much better left to experts. Removing a tree can be a difficult and risky task, and our experienced team can do it safely with minimum fuss. Just another Geelong commercial grounds maintenance service we offer.

Our tree maintenance service is another service we do as part of our Geelong school grounds maintenance, along with commercial lawn mowing, general gardening and weed control. Keeping trees tidy and safe is a crucial part of school grounds maintenance. The last thing you need is a falling branch crashing through a classroom window, or even worse, causing an injury.