March 16, 2016

Autumn is here and the natural phenomenon of falling seasonal leaves is synonymous with this time of year. While it’s only early in the season, we will see more and more commercial, industrial and residential grounds covered in autumnal colours. And while the colours can provide an attractive sight, fallen leaves can be a hindrance and a hazard. Max Scott Garden Maintenance’s Geelong commercial gardening service can keep your grounds clean and clear.

As fallen autumn leaves start to layer up then rot, they can leave your property, school or commercial grounds looking messy and neglected. You want your paths, walkways car parks and roads easily visible to customers, students, family and friends. Leaf clearance is another one of those jobs that is easy to overlook or put off. Save yourself the time and stress and let Max Scott Grounds Maintenance take care of it with their professional Geelong gardening service.

Rotting layers of leaves are not only an eyesore covering your roads, car parks and walkways, but they are also a health and safety risk. Most of us will know how slippery a thick layer of autumn leaves can be when it’s wet under foot. The last thing you want is a customer, student or family member slipping and hurting themselves while on your property. Also, if you have car parking on your commercial grounds then leaf clearance is essential as vehicles can slip on wet leaves.

Max Scott Grounds Maintenance is an experienced Geelong-based commercial gardening team. We can professionally and efficiently clear your commercial, industrial or residential grounds of fallen, rotten and wet leaves – or any slipping hazard for that matter. We have reached the time of year where the landscape of your commercial grounds can change overnight, and it is important to monitor what hazards might pop up before it is too late.