Weeds are not only unsightly but they ruin the look and appeal of Geelong commercial garden landscapes. Weed outbreaks can be tough to control, particularly when your business is your priority and you don’t have the tools or time for gardening. Max Scott is a Geelong ground and school grounds maintenance company which specialises in weed control and weed spraying. Our service includes boom spraying for commercial, industrial and rural customers.

Max Scott Ground Maintenance’s weed spraying service offers fence line spraying and weed control in hard-standing areas around concrete and paving. Our expert team can also control weeds around buildings and other structures, roads, paths and driveways. We also specialise in broadleaf spraying in turf or grass areas, ideal for unwanted outbreaks in your well-maintained commercial lawn. If the weeds have taken over and ruined your grass or turf area, we can help. Max Scott also offers rural weed spraying, including for the noxious weed serrated tussock.

Our professional staff have the expertise and experience to take on large-scale or smaller commercial, industrial and rural weed control jobs. We can deal with challenging weed outbreaks requiring meticulous weed spraying and attention to detail. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance also ticks all the boxes when it comes to local environment law guidelines and requirements of weed control.

You are best to act fast when you notice a weed outbreak at your commercial, industrial or rural premises. Even if you are unsure of what the plant is, your best option is to call a professional. If you think it’s a weed or it shouldn’t be there, you are probably right. Max Scott Grounds Maintenance will assess the outbreak and deploy our weed spraying teams accordingly. However, in many cases we can deal with smaller weed problems with our Geelong commercial gardening service. We provide weed control for commercial and industrial properties, as well as schools.

We understand how important it is to monitor outbreaks even after weed spraying, and we pride ourselves on customer service and results. Therefore, we encourage customers to contact us if there is any change in their weed situation.